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With their fourth album, "Seas of Static," the French band Dead Horse One solidifies their position as a heavyweight in modern shoegaze, pushing the genre to new levels of intensity and emotional depth. This album sees the band adeptly fusing the sharp edge of alternative metal, reminiscent of Deftones, with the lush, dreamlike sounds of My Bloody Valentine. The result is an enthralling maelstrom where dense guitar layers clash in a burst of creativity, raw emotion, and vigor.

"Seas of Static" is not a mere repetition of past sounds but a profound exploration of the grunge and shoegaze blend, resulting in a distinct and powerful sonic experience that stands apart from the conventional. The album benefits from the robust production talents of Brendan Williams (known for his work with Soul Blind, Francis Lung, and GoGo Penguin), who helps craft a unique sonic landscape that combines raw energy with grunge-influenced riffs and atmospheric shoegaze elements.

In this album, the track "Kathleen," featuring vocals by Harlee Young (Bosses) and written by Townes Van Zandt, adds another layer of depth. The meticulous mixing by Brendan Williams, Matthew Schumacher, Ivan Tziboulski, and Raphaël Léger, along with Zac Montez's mastering, contributes to the album's rich, textured sound.

"Seas of Static" demonstrates Dead Horse One's ability to transcend genre boundaries, delivering an immersive and unyielding musical journey that redefines contemporary shoegaze.

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