Heavydive - Foreign Patterns

Shoegaze - Dream Pop - Indie Rock

Heavydive - Foreign Patterns

Emerging from the vibrant musical landscape of Calgary, Alberta, Heavydive is a pop-rock trio that masterfully bridges the gap between nostalgic echoes and futuristic sounds. Their music is a vivid tapestry that spans the entire neo-wave spectrum, creating a unique auditory experience that is both a nod to the past and a glimpse into the future. With their roots in the picturesque Foothills of the Rockies and a sound that stretches like a dusky shadow across the prairies, Heavydive’s artful approach to ‘80s Brit Goth influences invites listeners into a mesmerizing world of lucid dreams.

The trio consists of Randy Squires on bass and vocals, Juan Ortiz on guitar, and Santiago Ortiz on drums. Their collaborative efforts have been expertly guided by producer Lorrie Matheson, with recording duties shared between Matheson at Arch Audio and Patrick Palardy at Public Lunch Studios. The intricate layers of their music have been finely mixed by Matheson and brought to a polished finish by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering. Adding a visual dimension to their sound, the artwork created by Santiago Ortiz further encapsulates the band's ethereal and evocative style.

Heavydive’s unique blend of genres and eras sets them apart in the contemporary music scene, making them a compelling act to watch as they continue to craft their sonic narratives.

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