IDAHO - Lapse

Indie - Dream-Pop

IDAHO - Lapse

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, California, IDAHO delivers a hauntingly beautiful experience with their latest collection of ten tracks. This trio has crafted an album of subdued elegance, evoking a powerful sense of nostalgia that washes over the listener. Each song on the album is a slow-burning revelation, allowing emotions to surface gradually and deeply, infusing every bassline and guitar riff with a poignant resonance.

The album, a collaborative effort between Jeff Martin and Robby Fronzo, features lyrics penned by Martin, whose poetic storytelling brings a visceral intensity to the music. The tracks are not designed to rush the listener; instead, they provide a contemplative space for reflection, letting the intricacies of grief and memory seep into the soundscapes. This deliberate pacing creates a profound emotional impact, making each song a journey through the subtleties of human experience.

IDAHO's ability to blend introspective lyrics with richly textured music sets them apart in the contemporary music scene. Their latest work stands as a testament to their skill in creating deeply affecting and timeless music, cementing their place as a significant force in the world of indie rock.

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