Onira - Plain to See

Shoegaze - Dream Pop

Onira - Plain to See

In May 2022, Onira introduced themselves to the music world with their "Demos" EP, a three-track release that gave listeners a glimpse of their potential. From that initial offering, only "Distractions" makes it onto their first full-length album, "Plain To See," which signifies a notable enhancement in their musical journey, characterized by a refined dream pop sound and exceptional production.

The album opens with a captivating trio: "Tree-lined," "Meadow," and the title track "Plain To See." These tracks blend jangly dream-pop melodies with a touch of noise-pop, all grounded by a subtle shoegaze undertone. Grecia Chavez’s light and airy vocals provide a nostalgic nod to the twee-pop era of the mid-2000s, adding a layer of innocence and charm to the music.

In contrast, songs such as "Falling Flat," "Distractions," and "Omniscient" scale back the noise and shoegaze elements, allowing the intricate, jangly guitar riffs to take center stage. This shift creates a mellow, rich indie-pop sound that brings to mind the lush tones of bands like Little Miss Echo and Cinema Lumiere.

"Plain To See" is an impressive debut album that highlights Onira's ability to craft complex and textured soundscapes. The band showcases a level of musical sophistication and depth that surpasses their years, blending various elements into a cohesive and emotionally resonant whole. This album firmly establishes Onira as a compelling new voice in the dream-pop genre, offering a fresh yet nostalgically tinged sound that is both captivating and memorable.

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