Pilgrimage Years - Motions

Shoegaze - Indie

Pilgrimage Years - Motions

The eagerly anticipated new album "Motions" has been released and is now available on all major streaming platforms. This latest offering comprises ten tracks that traverse a spectrum from dreamrock to shoegaze, promising a more unrefined and intense sound compared to the band's previous work. The album retains a sense of urgency in both songwriting and production, a signature characteristic that fans have come to appreciate.

"Motions" delves deeply into themes of emotional growth, the journey of coming of age, and the challenges of overcoming personal setbacks and changes in social environments. The emotional depth of the album is palpable, with each track carried by the artist's distinct falsetto and supported by expansive guitar arrangements. The sound is further enriched by the presence of hazy, atmospheric drums, creating a powerful and immersive listening experience. This album not only showcases the band's evolution in sound but also highlights their commitment to addressing profound and relatable life experiences through their music.

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