Trust Blinks - Turns to Gold

Shoegaze - Indie Rock

Trust Blinks -  Turns to Gold

Hailing from the eclectic music scene of Asheville, North Carolina, Trust Blinks has carved out a distinct niche with their compelling blend of shoegaze and indie rock. Each track crafted by the band immerses the listener in a lush soundscape, characterized by swirling guitars and introspective lyrics that resonate deeply.

The band’s latest project showcases their artistic growth, featuring a standout performance on track 6 with Chris Tobin on drums and Yaz Owainati lending haunting vocals, adding a unique texture to their already rich sonic palette. The meticulous mastering by Corey Coffman ensures that every nuance of their intricate compositions is brought to life, highlighting the band's attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Trust Blinks continues to push the boundaries of their genre, creating music that is both nostalgically familiar and refreshingly original. Their evocative sound and authentic approach make them a significant force in the indie music world, capturing the essence of Asheville’s vibrant and diverse artistic community.

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